Sha-raya Bates, Chief Executive Officer 

 Jimmy was born and raised in Alaska where survival in austere environments is a part of everyday life. Mr Bates is also a military veteran with 17 years of real world experience that includes: 2 years in the United States Coast Guard, 4 years as a Military Policeman in the Army and 11 years as an Infantryman with 4 combat tours to the Middle East. Mr Bates is currently pursuing a degree in Applied Sciences in Firearms Technology and is a certified National Rifle Association Instructor, Range Safety Officer and Refuse to Be a Victim Seminar Instructor. 

Sha-raya is an avid outdoors-woman and a firearms enthusiast. Mrs Bates is a graduate of the University of New Mexico with a  B. A. in Psychology and is currently pursuing her Masters in Forensic Psychology. Mrs Bates is also a Commissioned Officer in the US Army where she has served as a Platoon Leader, a Company Commander and currently as a Battalion S-1 and AS-3. Mrs Bates is also a certified National Rifle Association Instructor and Range Safety Officer.  

Veteran Owned and operated

About the Company

Blue Cord Dynamics delivers proven firearms and tactics skill-building courses for students ranging from beginner to advanced utilizing a self-paced training model. Focusing on mindset, marksmanship, manipulations and movement, courses are designed to develop the skill sets required for peak performance under stress, in real-world scenarios.

James "Jimmy" Bates, President and Director of Training

Trey is a recent graduate of US Army Infantry School.  Mr Bates is also a certified National Rifle Association Assistant Instructor.  

Meet the Team

Trey Bates, Assistant Instructor