The shotgun is highly versatile, easy to operate and extremely reliable. With a tremendous selection of ammunition, shotguns are effective for targets near, and far.  Learn how to incorporate your shotgun into your home defense plan. 

 Perfection | This class is open to anyone, at any skill level, who wants to develop the fundamental skills that are required to build future skills on. We will cover everything from gun safety to carrying and operating firearms, the fundamentals of marksmanship, as well as loading, reloading and malfunction clearing. 

Items covered in this class based on length and needs of the client: 

Universal Firearm Safety Rules

Disassembly, Reassembly & Functions Check

​Cycle of Operations

Ammunition Selection

Administrative Load

Shotgun Manipulation

The Fundamentals of Shooting

Shot Process & Target Acquisiton
Emergency & Tactical Reloading
Malfunction Clearing

Gear Selection & Support Gear

 Application | This class is designed to teach the skills needed to apply the fundamentals to you the shooter. This class includes learning the proper fighter mindset and gaining proficiency in employing a firearm. This is a present and fire course from exposed and concealed conditions. You will be expected to shoot multiple targets under time pressure, and instinctively diagnose and clear shotgun malfunctions. Students will leave this course with a greater level of confidence in their abilities to use their shotgun in a defensive situation.

Items covered in this class: 

Fighter Mindset
Emergency and Tactical Reloading
Emergency Non-Diagnostic Malfunction Clearing
Offline Movement and Offline Attack
Recoil Management for Rapid Follow Up Shots

​Instinctive Shooting

1 Hour | $250
3 Hours | $500
5 Hours | $750
Additional $100/Person for Groups



Veteran Owned and operated

8 Hours | $1100