Our Training Model


Phase I 

P. Perfection
Our training plan begins with developing and Perfecting the Fundamentals. This is the foundation of all future training and covers the techniques required to master stance, grip, aiming, breath control, trigger control and follow-through. 

Phase II

A. Application
Phase Two begins when we Apply those fundamentals to you the shooter. This phase includes learning the proper fighter mindset and gaining proficiency in employing a firearm from your chosen carry configuration. Whether you prefer open, appendix, ankle or off-body carry it is very important to be able to efficiently access and employ your firearm in a time-is-life situation.

Phase III

C. Condition
In Phase Three we will take your fundamentals and push them to the limit by subjecting them to Conditions that will increase in difficulty. These Conditions are meant to replicate real life scenarios and include, shooting under stress, over and around obstacles, shooting on the move and in low-light conditions to name a few. 

Phase IV

E. Evaluation

Shooting is a high maintenance skill and it must be maintained. Once you reach Phase Four it is important to conduct a periodic evaluation in order to assess yourself. Here at Blue Cord Dynamics we have developed an Assessment that will test your ability to use your firearm safely and accurately in a stress induced scenario.

The Training Model is ​PACE, 

where we train you

at your own pace. 

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