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Now, more than ever, today's youth should be educated about how to respect and handle firearms. Access to more violent content and immersion into the virtual reality provided by video games have been proven to give children a false sense of familiarity with firearms. We aim to correct that with the help of the responsible parents. 

4 Hours | $50 per adult / $20 per child

 Youth Firearms Class | This class is to designed give the child (and his/her caregiver) an initial positive firearms experience in the safe handling and shooting of a firearm.  Emphasis is put on safely firing a firearm and satisfying a child's natural curiosity about handguns. Low recoil .22 caliber firearms can be utilized from our rental fleet ($15 rental fee for gun and ammunition) or you may bring a .22 caliber firearm to use.

Items covered in this class: 

Universal Firearm Safety Rules

Disassembly, Reassembly &  Functions Check

​Cycle of Operations

Ammunition Selection

Administrative Load

The Fundamentals of Shooting

Shot Process & Target Acquisiton
Emergency &  Tactical Reloading